MD Agreement is a free Joomla! 1.5 component that can be used to register accepting Terms and Conditions or other agreements to enter the site.
By changing the paramaters in the backend the component can be adjusted to your needs. An article needs to be selected as the agreement, this will be shown in a popup. 


After accepting the user can be redirected to a new page or a message can be shown.

Make sure that the user is redirected to index.php?option=com_mdagreement after the first login and if you want the component to control the logins afterwards redirect the user after login to index.php?option=com_mdagreement&task=login. The component will then check the status and will redirect to the agreed or denied sequence.

If you like the component, please consider a small donation.

A Dutch language pack is also available.

MD Agreement in no longer supported!