This a short explanation how to watch live tv on your android Tab

Used hardware:

  • Raspberry PI (used as Tvheadend server installed Raspbmc)
  • HD Homerun dual tuner DVB-C
  • DVB-C Digital cable signal from Vodafone glasfibre The Netherlands
  • V-player Google play vplayer
  • TVHguide
  • Samsung Galaxy tab 2 10.1
  • Samsung Galaxy tab 7 plus

Both samsung tablets are working fine. Only when using both at the same time the wireless network seems slow.

Setup Tv Headend with the HD Homerun

First install raspbmc and activate TVheadend

Install tvhGuide on your tab

setup the program using the user you created in the configpage of tvheadend

Start watching

Open tvhguide and select the program. Click play and select vplayer to watch the program.

This tutorial is not complete yet. I'll update this as soon as possible. I first have to watch some tv ;)